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Allways Roofing offer a manual by hand moss removal cleaning service for roofing slates, clay tiles and concrete tiles. Moss build up on roof tops is a common process. Moss can damage your roof by trapping water which accelerates wear and tear on your roof. Our roof cleaning team manually remove  moss from your roof tiles.

Unlike many other roof cleaning services we use the proven method or hand cleaning. We do not use pressure washers to remove the moss build up. This is because the use of a pressure washer can give a good clean look to your roof but actually makes the roof less protective to you property. Using a high pressure water jet can loosen the tile cement between the tiles making the tiles weaker. The high pressure also reduces the protection each tile has by removing some of the layers and protective coatings. It also breaks down the layers of the tiles which then offer less rain protection..

Once your roof has been hand cleaned we can help to keep the roof clean by using a copper strip across the ridge tiles. When it rains the rainwater passes across the cooper strip and the rain water is ionized. The ionized rainwater passes over moss on the roof as it works its way down the sloped surface. The ions in the water are simply what is required to kill the moss and reduce the likelihood of it growing in such volumes.

This is the best and proven method that roof cleaners do not usualy use. it has been proven and has not adverse affects on your roof.

Allways Roofing have our own roof cleaning team so contact us to arrange a visit and free quotation.

See our before and after photos of our roof cleaning for examples of our roof cleaning services.

Allways Roofing - Roof Cleaning 1

Allways Roofing - Roof Cleaning Service

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