Flat Roofing Information

Flat roofs are constructed basically with joists spanning the gap between two walls, covered by sheet timber and then some form of waterproof layer above the sheet timber. this is often roofing felt which is sometimes then coated with a treatment or liquid layer. One popular roofing treatment is Anti Reflective Aluminium Solar Coating.

The most popular request is the proven old school method of hot bitumen and roofing felt method. Other popular flat roof coating methods including rubberised roofing and also  fibreglass roof coating. 

The weight of these last two coverings, together with the span, form the basis of the calculation for the size of joists required. this is dependant upon the roofing load it must support. I.e snow in certain countries, wind factors and if the roof must with stand a balcony for humans. This is becoming a more popular request.

View our flat roof project page to see the processes involved in renovating a flat roof. This project was done by the Allways Roofing team in July 2010 and shows the different stages involved including photos of our work and team members.

In the past few years it has become very popular for property owners to have their flat garage roofs pitched. This is of 2 main reasons. The first reason is that pitched roofs are less prone to leaks than flat roofs are. Secondly the property looks better. This can help when listing the property for sale and can increase the value of some properties. The benefits of have the flat roof  developed to a pitched roof is additional storage.  It is often beneficial for the garage roof to have a small loft like storage area under the pitch where household items can be stored.

To learn about our flat roof services view our flat roof services page

To see photos of our flat roof work view our flat roof gallery

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