Graded & Listed Buildings Roofing Services

Britain is famously known to own some of the oldest housing in the world. With Britain’s vast mass of countryside the is many thousands of listed buildings and graded buildings too such as churches, manor homes, closed factories, mills, farmhouses, civic buildings, cottages and old country buildings. Many of these remain under restrictive roofing convenants and must remain in their original style and context when repairing or renovating any aspects including their roofs. Our graded buildings roofing services we can help with all roofing repairs you have on old buildings.

The Allways Roofing Team receive many enquiries for listed building roofing services and as a result now work closely with many heritage roofing societies & heritage roofing associations.

Our extensive roofing skills and knowledge of listed buildings covenants mean we can repair and replace all required materials and leave your roof looking like new.

Heritage roofing can be defined as roof covering works carried out with traditional materials and workmanship to buildings which have an historic value. This is as opposed to modern materials and workmanship used with current building practices.’ (a google search result carried out by us on Febuary 2015.)

Listed and Graded Buildings Roofing Services

Listed and Graded Buildings Roofing Services

All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition are listed, as are most of those built between 1700 and 1840. Particularly careful selection is required for buildings from the period after 1945. A building has normally to be over 30 years old to be eligible for listing.

  • Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important; only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I
  • Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest; 5.5% of listed buildings are Grade II*
  • Grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest; 92% of all listed buildings are in this class and it is the most likely grade of listing for a home owner.

Please view our Graded and Listed Building Roofing Galley to see photos of our team on Graded Buildings, Listed buildings Projects and some of our related work projects.

Our team offer extremely high levels of workmanship and the necessary skills and equipment to do the best roofing repair for your building

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